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Health Benefits and Uses for Infused Avocado Oils
Pacifica Culinaria Infused Avocado Oil Health Benefits
  • High in monounsaturated fats ("good fat") promoting a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
  • 100% All Natural and contains no cholesterol. We use only the highest quality ingredients.
  • Avocado Oil has a very high smoke point, 500+ degrees (higher than olive oil and nut oils!).
  • No artificial flavor or colors added.
  • Our citrus and savory flavors such as "Blood Orange" and "Roasted Garlic" are artfully accompished by an oil to oil infusion. Other infusions are produced by adding selected herbs such as a Tuscan herb blend and a Lemon-pepper blend.
  • Has a high viscosity resulting in a light and silky texture and very little residue.
Pacifica Culinaria Infused Avocado Oil Common Uses
  • Ideal for searing, frying, grilling or sautéing.
  • Marinade for chicken, fish or beef.
  • Mix oil with a balsamic vinegar for a tasty salad dressing.
  • Low residue and high smoke point makes it perfect for deep frying.
  • Drizzle over steamed vegetables.
  • Use in place of olive oil and butter/margarine.
  • Spread on toasted bread or use for bread dipping.
  • Use all natual or citrus flavors in place of butter or other oils for healthier extra moist baked goods.
Pacifica Culinaria Mayan Pearl Brand Avocado Pouring Natural Avocado Oil
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