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Q:  How do I use a Coupon code that I received in my email?


A:   After adding items to your shopping cart, click on "View Cart". On the bottom left side of the page, click on "Enter a Promo Code".

       Enter in the promotional code and then click "Apply". 

       (For FREE SHIP coupons, enter code at checkout. Shipping costs will still show on shipping page, but coupon

       amount will then match shipping costs for your discount. )

       BE SURE TO ADD COUPON EXACTLY AS LISTED (i.e. all caps, etc.).

       **Note: If you are using a mobile device, enter the coupon code on the "Edit Cart" page (before you click on "Checkout").**

Q: I would like to send a gift to a friend. What is the best way to do this?


A:  The process for sending a gift starts once you have filled your cart, applied any coupons and are now ready to checkout. Once you have

      clicked Checkout, you should be on the SHIPPING Details page. On this page, enter in the address for the gift receiver. Make sure you 

      UNCHECK the box that is listed as "Make this my billing address" on the bottom left. (Shipping Details is for the person who you want

      the gift to go to.) Once complete, you can click the button "Continue to Billing Details". Click this box, enter your Billing Details and then

      proceed to the Payment Details to finish up.

Q: How do I add a gift card to my order?

A:  With any gift purchased comes the option to send a Gift Card at no additional cost. In order to send a Gift Card, you need to be on the 

      Shipping Details page after just having clicked checkout. On on the Shipping Details page, there is a link to "Add a message to seller".

      Click this link, and a window will open for you to type your Gift Card message in. Put in your message and we will complete a Pacifica

      Culinaria gift card to be enclosed with your order.

Q: How do I log into my Pacifica Culinaria account?

A: You do not need to log into our site in order to place an order. We do not save any information on our site. Our customers security is our main concern. While our site is up to date with all of the top security concerns, we choose to take it a step further and not store any information that may compromise our customers. Thank you for understanding.





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