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Pacifica Culinaria offers gourmet vinegars from Modena, Italy.


Our Modena gourmet balsamic vinegars are deliciously rich and thick balsamic vinegars that begin with grape must -- whole pressed grapes complete with juice, skin, seeds and stems. It's then carefully processed and aged for years before it can bear the name of "balsamic".


Traditional Balsamic:  Our Traditional balsamic has a rich, mellow sweetness. It is delicious drizzled over fresh berries, assorted cheeses, grilled meats and seafood, and even ice cream!


Flavored Balsamics:  Our Flavored balsamic vinegars are infused with a variety of delectable flavors. Try our red varieties: Mission Fig, Blackberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate, Raspberry, Bordeaux Cherry, and Pomegranate. Or our white varieties: Bianco, Peach, Pear, Mango, and Jalapeno Lime.


Uses: Balsamic vinegars go nicely with a number of dishes, both savory and sweet. Our white balsamics are ideal for fresh vinagrettes and dip, and perfect for coctails. Our red balsamics are sweeter and make excellent marinades and finishing drizzles. Also, great on ice cream or berries!


Pair one of our balsamic vinegars with one of our Avocado Oils or Olive Oils to make a tasty dipping sauce to serve with your favorite crusty bread. Delizioso!


8.5 ounce bottles are available in 12 flavorful varieties.
*Half gallon sizes (64 ounces) available for limited varieties for retail.

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