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"I recently discovered your avocado lemon oil and had some doubts at first, however after trying it I went through the bottle pretty quickly and was very happy to see the rest of your selection online. I have some fresh picked wild asparagus the I can't wait to try with the avocado oil mayo. I spent 13 years in the specialty and natural food industry and it is very refreshing and exciting to see something that is really new and unique and dare I say possibly even necessary."

Mike M., California


"I really feel your product is a great find and I plan to share your product with everyone I know."

Christina V., California


"Received your blood orange avocado oil in my Christmas stocking from my daughter, one year, and love it, so you get an order!!!!"

Marj D., Illinios


"Everyone in my family loves the avocado oil:)."

Paricia B., California


"Thank you very much, I do appreciate your attending to this small mishap. Love your products and will order again."

Dale S., Oklahoma


"Thanks again for having the tastiest gourmet infused oil on the market today."

Christina B, California


"Thank you for your kind response and offers. I'll look forward to receiving the balance of my order and the other specialities you will include. Great customer service!"

Cindy, L., Arizona


"I love your Blood Orange Avocado Oil. I've bought several bottles and love cooking with it. It's been helpful in my losing weight (almost 30 pounds) and feeling better and eating healthier. Keep up the great work!"

Charles M, New York

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