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Whatever your Private Labeling needs are, we have got you covered


We are able to conveniently service all levels of the retail and food service industries with some of the best avocado oil, aged balsamic vinegar's and olive oils in the world. Our specialty is flavored products, giving you a wide variety of different combinations to fit any needs.

  • Low minimum order requirements 

  • Short order lead times with quick delivery throughout the USA.

Not only do we import some of the most renowned 18 year barrel aged vinegars from the world's top producers, we also source 100% certified California Grown Olive Oils as well as 100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil. Our production and packing facility in Southern California is conveniently located and perfectly suited for your private label needs.

Our company has a long history of producing top quality private label oil products. Our strong portfolio of extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and aged balsamic vinegar includes a broad selection of regional and varietal-specific oils; as well as organic, kosher and certified origin oils under the Organic Certifiers certification.

Rest assured knowing we apply the very same standards of quality and industry expertise that you know and trust with PACIFICA CULINARIA as we do with all of our private label clients.

Contact us today to discuss how PACIFICA CULINARIA can bring your private label vision and make it into reality.

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