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Blackberry Balsamic, Pear and Brie Paninis

Breakfast, lunch or dinner - you can eat these paninis any time, any day. The unexpected flavors melt together and create perfection! The balsamic vinegar adds a nice tang that complements the sweetness. 

1 loaf of French bread 2 tbsp Pacifica Culinaria All Natural Avocado Oil 8 oz. brie, sliced thin 2 pears, sliced thin 1 tbsp honey 2 tbsp Pacifica Culinaria Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar Slice French bread. Layer Brie onto the bread, then drizzle on honey and Pacifica Culinaria Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar. Arrange pears on top of the balsamic and add the top piece of bread. Drizzle the top and bottom of the bread with Pacifica Culinaria All Natural Avocado Oil. Cook on grill pan or panini press until golden brown.  

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